"Andra" - Lemon Quartz, Fine Gemstones and Vermeil Necklace


Image of "Andra" - Lemon Quartz, Fine Gemstones and Vermeil Necklace

Set in 14K gold vermeil (14K gold over 925 sterling silver) and measuring 1 1/8" (approx. 30mm) long and 7/8" (approx. 20mm) wide, this beautiful pendant features a flawlessly faceted lemon quartz stone. Tiny clusters of fine gemstone rondelle - citrine, amethyst, quartz and topaz adorn the chain adding color and dimension to the overall design.

The length of the chain is 18" (approx. 46cm) with a 2" extension for comfortable sizing, and fastens with a delicate lobster clasp. The weight of the pendant is 11.5g (approx. 0.41oz), with a carat weight of approx. 57.5ct (1ct=200mg) including the vermeil setting.

Handcrafted - One of a kind.

Lemon quartz is a hexagonal silicon dioxide crystal most commonly found in Brazil and Africa. It is created by heating amethyst, yellow quartz and iron together at extremely high temperatures. The heating process is what gives this beautiful gemstone its brilliant, yellow color. The radiant beauty of lemon quartz is truly dazzling, particularly when light catches the facets and it truly comes to life.

Considered a stone of abundance, Lemon Quartz is uplifting, cleansing and sunny. It is a powerful stone with a high vibration that never needs cleansing.


Image of "Andra" - Lemon Quartz, Fine Gemstones and Vermeil Necklace